01. intro

SC2 is digital cash
you can spend on
major cloud providers

Secure Cloud Coin is based on the Xevan algorithm and uses Proof of Stake and Masternodes in a stealth decentralized Worldwide network. It allows a real Digital Autonomous Organization (DAO), instant currency transfers through SwiftX transactions and true anonymity provided by the  zerocoin protocol.

02. Value proposition

SC2 benefits


Global infrastructure 5000+ nodes / 500+ MNs


Instant transactions via SwiftX technology


Privacy focused through Zerocoin protocol


Passive income PoS + MNs
03. Development

Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud Decentralized Marketplace will feature a user friendly dashboard, where customers will anonymously login with any SC2 private key and use Secure Cloud Coin for purchase and maintenance of VPS instances from Vultr, and domain names from GoDaddy. The layer of security and anonymity brought by our platform will always be 100% free of charge for customers. Customers will always pay the same USD price they would pay to the Cloud Provider.

04. Roadmap

Implementation steps

Secure Cloud Coin focuses on creating an anonymous and decentralized cloud services marketplace for SC2 holders.

Idea, research and development
Q1 2018
Presale, wallet launch and Cryptobridge listing
July 2018
Decentralized Marketplace beta release
December 2018
Decentralized Marketplace v1.0 release
March 2019
Mobile wallet and Marketplace client
May 2019
Biggest Exchanges and Cloud Service Providers
05. Blockchain

Open source and secure
Decentralized Network

PoS and Masternodes architecture allows everybody to invest in SC2 and immediately start earning Staking and Masternode's rewards. This will quickly bring our blockchain to 1000+ nodes.

Network hosts

07. Team

Secure Cloud Coin Team

With a dedicated team of top technology experts and finance professionals
Secure Cloud Coin empowers anonymous access to cloud services for a better and uncensored Internet.

Albert Crombwie

Founder & CEO

Jeremy Dickson

Co-founder & CTO
08. Charts

SC2 Charts

Current Price


Market Cap


09. Profit

Masternodes guide
and Software

Here there is everything you need to join SC2 project!

Masternode How toDownloadMasternode SoftwareDownload

12345 SC2
MN Collateral
120 SC2/block
Starting @ block 50000

10. donate

Donate to Support

If you care about Secure Cloud Coin project, you can support us.
We will use raised funds to improve marketing campaign and for listing applications on bigger Exchanges.